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If you're looking for a bail bond, Diversified Appraisal Services knows that you might be feeling stressed. That's why we work hard to make getting a bond appraisal as painless as we can. We've answered a few questions about appraisals for bail bonds below. If you don't see the answer to your question below, get in touch and we'll get back to you soon.

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What are bail bond appraisals?

Bail bonds can be used to temporarily release people from police custody, and they can be "bought" with cash or other assets — like a house. Before a home or property can be used as a bond, the court has to make sure that it's worth more than the dollar cost of the bond. A licensed appraiser will perform a bail bond appraisal to analyze the value of a property so that it can be used as a bail bond. Using your home or property in place of cash for a bail bond is known as a property bond.

When would I want to get a bail bond appraisal?

An appraisal must be performed if you want to put your property up for collateral. This is a good alternative if a loved one is jailed and you're not able to put down cash or other assets as collateral to discharge them.

What happens in a bail bond appraisal?

Bail bond appraisals, like other appraisals, consist of a home inspection, followed by a report written by the appraiser explaining various parts that play into determining the value of a property. Every appraiser at Diversified Appraisal Services is licensed and regulated by the Appraisal Foundation, local to the Paso Robles area, ethical, highly experienced, and dedicated to using the latest technology — so when you order an appraisal from us, you can rest assured that it's not just reliable, but also standardized and highly accurate.

How fast can I get a bail bond appraisal?

You're crunched for time, and when it comes to getting your loved one out of custody quickly, we're ready to assist. When you request a bail bond appraisal through Diversified Appraisal Services, we want you to rest assured that your order is our top priority. Contact us today, and we'll work with you to expedite your order. But you don't just require an appraisal fast — you need an accurate appraisal, too. The ability to use your home as collateral relies on the value of the property — normally, it must be valued at 150% to 200% the cost of the bail bond. So while we promise a fast appraisal, we refuse to cut corners that result in an inaccurate estimate of your property.

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